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Recital Hair & Makeup - What You Need to Know!

Picture Day and recital are right around the corner! We want to make sure everyone feels confident with our hair and make up requirements, so in addition to writing the steps below, I have included a video tutorial for you to get a visual of what we are looking for! Let's get started!

Please see pictures below for examples.

What you will need -

*Items are on display at the front desk should you have any questions about them!*

Hair -

Hair elastics Bobby pins Gel Hairspray Comb Spornette Brush - On display at the studio

Hair nets

Makeup -

Foundation Concealer - optional Light pink & brown eye shadows - neutral palette will work Blush Mascara or fake eyelashes (optional)

Liquid Eyeliner Red Lipstick - Maybelline Dynamite Red - 800

Lipstick can be found at most pharmacies

Makeup Remover Wipes Makeup Sponges / Cosmetic Wedges Makeup Brushes

Hair - All dancers should have their hair in a high bun unless told otherwise. Dancers are required to have a hair net covering their bun.

Dancers can use a donut for their bun if preferred.

Makeup -


Eyeshadow - Light pink over the entire lid then a darker color, typically brown, towards the outside and blended above

Eyeliner - On top lid. Optional on the bottom

Mascara or Fake Eyelashes - Optional

Blush - On the cheekbone

Lipstick - Must be Maybelline Dynamite Red - 800

Should you need help with how to apply any of this please view the tutorial below!

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