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Benefits of Dance Conventions

5 Benefits of Dance Conventions

Taking Classes with New Teachers

  • Every dance teacher teaches a little different, so taking classes from different teachers allows you to experience different teaching techniques. This also allows you to decide which teaching styles you will best benefit from. Taking classes from different teachers also keeps you from getting too comfortable in one certain style of teaching. It's always important to stay on your toes!!

Trying Different Dance Styles

  • Trying different dance styles is challenging but fun! Taking all classes at conventions will expose you to classes you don’t take on a weekly basis at your dance studio. Exposing yourself to knew styles will help you in all styles you take and perform. By taking these new styles, you will pick up skills and tricks you hadn’t known before no matter what level of dance you are currently at!

You Get To Watch Fellow Dancers

  • At conventions, teachers will split classes into groups. Take this opportunity to watch your fellow dancers. Find a few people to watch and figure out what makes their dancing unique and intriguing - what makes you want to watch them? Is it their emotion, their movement quality, their technique, or just how they present themselves? Try to put the qualities you like about your fellow dancers into your dancing and see how far you grow!

Learning at a Quick Pace

  • Due to such a busy schedule at conventions you will learn combinations at a much quicker pace than at your studio. This will help you stay focused, build stamina, and get you ready for auditions in the future. Learning quickly at conventions also helps you pick steps up quicker at your studio, which gives your teachers a bigger window for fine-tuning competition and recital dances!

Building Confidence

  • Conventions help build confidence on and off the dance floor. While at convention take the opportunity and throw yourself into the front of the room and dance your heart out. Teachers take notice of dancers who put themselves out there and push themselves throughout the class. Of course, putting yourself out there will take courage, but you will thank yourself after. So, get out there and dance your heart out!

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