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Our Journey...

Miss Kirby has been dancing for her whole life! She started dancing at the age of two and absolutely loved it. She took every class she could possibly take and was at the studio every night of the week. Little did her parents know that enrolling her in that very first dance class would have such an impact on her life.

Upon graduating high school, Miss Kirby decided to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in NYC for Dance Theater. After her first semester, she decided to leave AMDA because she was homesick. She was ready to move away from the performance side of dance and more toward the teaching side of dance.

After returning home from college, Miss Kirby ended up teaching at multiple studios and even became the Director of the Dance Program for the Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven. After a year or two of teaching, the opportunity to open up her very own studio presented itself and she went for it - opening Higher Movement Dance Studio in 2015.

When opening, Miss Kirby wanted to share the passion she felt for dance with her students. She wanted to provide an outstanding dance education where dancers learned proper technique and would be prepared for whatever route of dance they chose. She wanted to give dancers a place where they felt safe, happy, and strong to share their love of dance. Miss Kirby wanted to teach them some of the lessons she was taught through dance while growing up; the encouragement to try again when we fail, to be confident in all that we do, and to push ourselves to be the best that we can be in all facets of our lives, not just dance. Those lessons, along with time management, self-respect, discipline, hard work and so much more, are lessons that Miss Kirby has carried throughout every experience in her life and she hopes that her students will be able to use that also.

Today, Higher Movement Dance Studio is a place where we not only push our dancers to be the best that they can be but where our values; kindness, positivity, encouragement, safety, self-respect, and a family atmosphere, can be seen and felt every day. We are firm believers that dancers benefit from training in all styles of dance and we have developed incredible programs from Preschool Dance to Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro, Contemporary, Jazz, Breakdancing, and more. We offer a remarkable recreational program and a performance program for dancers that would like to further their dance education.

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