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Love & Health

Love & Health

Love. It’s such a loaded word. It can be described so many ways - much like “health”, being “healthy” can mean different things to all. To some it may be starting to change your diet to lose x amount of pounds, for others it may be trying a new fitness class/joining a gym.

For MANY, finding a good balance to meet your goals is difficult. It may sound overused, but it all starts with loving yourself first. Loving yourself and accepting the skin your in will not only give you an open door to take personal strides, but give you the acceptance to take little victories and motivate. You cannot change overnight; getting “healthy” is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle choice. It is about that balance, and letting yourself be human.

With this there can also be the painful truth that you may try something that does not work for you, and that is OK. Trial and error is a vital part of the process, so you can truly understand how your body works and how it may respond to certain things. What is important is trusting yourself to keep going, to keep trying.

Let this be true for your journey to health, physically and mentally. Trust yourself, and trust your support system. They will be there to help you. Start with smaller short-term goals and a few long term. Share them with someone to hold you accountable if you need a push to get motivated. Above all, love yourself along the might like what you start to see beyond the mirror.

Faith xo

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