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Dance Bag Essentials

Dance season has officially started and there is nothing more exciting than getting back into the studio!

Today we are going to make sure your dance bag is fully stocked with everything you need for a great day of dance.

  1. Shoes- always make sure you have both of each pair of shoes in your dance bag! Nothing is worse than reaching in to your bag before class to find you're missing your left tap shoe.

  2. Hair accessories- I always make sure to have plenty of elastics, bobby pins, and a hairbrush in my bag at all times

  3. Water bottle- Staying hydrated is so important during a long day of dance! Make sure you come to dance prepared with plenty of water for your classes.

  4. Healthy snack- It’s important to make sure you keep your energy levels up if you have multiple dance classes back to back, and a quick snack in between classes is a good trick to do so. I try and keep a couple granola bars in my bag for this reason. They’re easy to keep in my bag, quick to eat if you don’t have a long break between classes, and give me the boost I need to make it through my last class. Some other options could be a banana, an apple, or some trail mix!

I hope this list helps everyone get ready for an amazing dance season! See you in the studio!

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