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COVID-19 Updates -

Fall Classes

Please note that we will be offering both in person and virtual classes so that we can accommodate as many students as possible. All virtual classes will continue to be on ZOOM.

Please note all of the safety precautions that we are putting in place to ensure the safety of our students and our staff -

▪All students will be required to sign a COVID-19 waiver

▪Our fall season will begin September 8th and run through our recital in May! 

▪If students or staff are not feeling well they should not come to the studio


▪Our lobby will be closed off to parents and families for the time being, but parents and guardians  will have a virtual viewing option


-We will be offering both in person and virtual class options


▪Class Sizes will be LIMITED to 5 people in our back studio and 10 in our front studio.If you would prefer to take an in studio class be sure to sign up ASAP


▪Students must visit our sanitation station outside of the studio before entering. Here they will be greeted by our front desk staff and asked to sanitize their hands before entering


-We will have different entrances available for each dance room so that students from different rooms will not be crossing paths


▪In days of good weather doors will be open to increase air circulation


▪In days of good weather, we may to take dancers outside for class


▪All students will be required to wear a mask inside of the studio unless it is contrary to the student's health because of a medical condition


▪Staff will wear a mask at all times if not able to maintain a 6 ft distance


-Once in the studio students will have a 6x6 area assigned to them to assure safe distancing while dancing


-We ask that all students please bring their own water bottles and have their first and last name written on them


-Students must bring their shoes in a dance/athletic bag so that they have somewhere to put them


▪It is highly recommended that all students put a luggage tag on their dance bag so they know which one is theirs


▪Only one bathroom will be available to students and it will be cleaned after each use


▪Once class is over students will be brought back outside where they will be distanced and will wait for their ride! For safety we will have students wear their masks while waiting for their rides


▪Studios will be cleaned and sanitized after each class


▪We will be accepting all payments via the parent portal


▪We will identify a "sick space" so if a child becomes ill during dance class they can be separated from the group


Fitness Classes -

-For Fitness Classes there are VERY limited spots available

- In order to not wear masks all students and instructors must be 12 feet away from each other. Due to this only 3 or 4 spots will be available which can be signed up for or you can continue classes virtually

- Please bring your own water bottle labeled with your name

-No wash cloths will be available. Should you need one, please bring your own

- Please bring a bag for your outdoor shoes so they can be put into the bag when switching your shoes



If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us. 


*Since this is an evolving situation,guidelines may change. We will be sure to update you as soon as we make any changes.*


We hope to see you in the studio beginning July 6th.

To register for summer classes please visit the link below.

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