10 Reasons I love to Dance!

10 Reasons I Love Dance

  1. It lets me feel free

  2. I have fun expressing myself

  3. I have fun learning new moves

  4. It lifts my mood

  5. Dancing is good exercise

  6. Gives me energy

  7. I can make new friends

  8. It's good to be part of a team

  9. Helps me learn to be patient when learning something new

  10. Dancing helps me grow in life

-Olivia Leonard, Age 9

  1. I like how I can show who I am

  2. Being able to pick our poses in our dance

  3. I like how you help us with our dances

  4. My favorite dance is Jazz

  5. I like being with my teachers and friends

  6. I like when you give us opportunities to bring a friend or parent

  7. I like doing turns

  8. I like being “drama-ed”

  9. I like dancing with friends

  10. I like helping others

-Annabell Campbell, Age 11

  1. I like to move around

  2. I like tap and ballet

  3. My favorite move is heel and leap

  4. I like playing different games

  5. My favorite game is Freeze Dance

  6. Miss Kirby makes me confident

  7. I like dancing with my friends

  8. I love wearing leotards and tights

  9. It makes me feel good

  10. I love dancing around to the music

-Sophia Campbell, Age 7

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