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Nutrition Tips for Dancers

Did you know that a professional dancer can burn up to 3,000 calories a day during heavy training?? This means that as dancers, we should pay extra attention to how we are feeding our bodies throughout the day to ensure that we have enough energy to perform at our best.

Foods To Eat Percentage of Diet Carbohydrates 55-65% Proteins 12-15% Fats 20-30% Hydration 80 fluid ounces Examples of Carbohydrates: 55-65% Whole-Grain Breads Cereal Brown Rice Whole-Wheat Pasta These types of carbohydrates contain many essential vitamins and minerals needed for overall health and provide the body with more sustained and prolonged energy. *Signs you may be lacking carbohydrates are quick muscle fatigue and lethargy* Proteins : 12-15% Lean Meats Beans Quinoa Nuts Tofu Proteins are important because they help the body to build and repair muscles after strenuous physical activity. Fats: 20-30% Nuts Olive Oil Fish Avacados Consuming fats contributes fat-soluble vitamins and provides insulation around the nerves in the body Fats are stored in the muscles in the form of triglycerides. Triglycerides are an excellent source of sustained energy which is needed to nail your quadruple pirouette even after four hours of rehearsals and performances. Hydration: 60-80 fl. Ounces Water Gatorade Hydration is essential due to high loss in vitamins in nutrients through sweat during physical activity. 60-80 fl ounces is recommended throughout the day. Water or a non-caffeinated sports drink high in electrolytes is recommended.

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